The Dragon of George

 The dragons of my past have roots in George.

His name I carried through the fire and forge

Until the time I learned that life is more

Than simply moving forward, stoned and sore.

The family life that gave me such a past

Was filled with shadows, pains which cast

Shooting flames into my very being–

Drinking, touching, words which marred my seeing

Thus  I too plunged into wayward living,

sought connection through physical ‘giving.’

Sordid, God sent a friend who would not touch

Who loved me despite my past paths’ ways, such

those shadows abated for light to flow

A sense of wonderment began to grow…

Dragon flames were buried deep in my soul

 Gently the wind of friendship blew across

Disarming shadows, extending grace full

Hope, revealing life’s beauty, purging dross.

George transformed, became a different figure

No longer defining, contributing

Elements concrete-the edges obscure

With hope’s light taking away the flame’s sting–

Allowing faith in love that does not burn

With the pain and passion of fear-filled shame.

My soul sought love, blessed hope to discern

A friendly dragon with a diff’rnt name.

Cooling the jets of fiery flame goes on

Time, relation, ever gifting new dawn.

This post is in response to the 100WCGU that asks us to incorporate our ideas in a sonnet-format. The challenges are many; 100 words being the goal to fulfill first of all then, there were requests about the verses. The first verse is in AA, BB, CC, DD, EE, FF, GG, HH, II format and the second is the more challenging a-b-a-b, c-d-c-d, e-f-e-f, g-g with the stipulation that each verse be 14 lines and carry 10 syllables. What a delicious challenge. Hopefully, I conveyed some of the intensity of  life’s struggles while maintaining the integrity of the  format. 🙂 Also, if someone can help me find the button or dropdown that lets you single space the posts, I’d be grateful! I’m nervous about this one… LOL! Enjoy!

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4 Responses to The Dragon of George

  1. sjbwriting says:

    Wow – this is fabulous! I really admire anybody who can write poetry so well!

  2. sjbwriting says:

    by the way – if you use a soft return instead of hard return (ie (Shift + Enter instead of just Enter) that should sort your spacing out.

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