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…baptismal fire…

The whole congregation was still. Pastor spoke the ancient words, splashing water on her forehead with each utterance.  “I baptize you in the name of the Father,… the Son, … and the Holy Spirit.” She held her breath, tight with … Continue reading

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            Shopping, she took the liberty to munch on an enormous yellow apple, umm…delicious. She ducked down one aisle and up another, looking for the Empire flour, wanting to make dumplings with the rest of the apples she’d chosen. Juice … Continue reading

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Mother’s Day Tribute

Mothering instincts and mothering ways Do not always come through months and days Of gestation. My life has been a journey of trials, Filled with joys, sorrows and denials Yet always God has provided the means by which Compassion and … Continue reading

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Mish-Mosh Marrow

Through dawn’s broad ray of light Swarmed Mish-Mosh Marrow, with delight Ever seeking to enhance A lovely body to create and dance… Marrow twisted, sought to form Beings tall, with hearts so warm Ever seeking to enhance Virile bodies, beginning … Continue reading

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Mother’s Day Card My friend Marilyn is hosting a Mother’s Day Card Writing contest…check out her blog to find the details…! 🙂

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Ruby Fun

Ever seeking to know more, I Wikipedia’d the definition of “ruby.“ I found an astonishing bit of information: RUBY is a language of computer programming based out of the principles of human need, not machine optimalization, seeking to be a … Continue reading

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