Mother’s Day Tribute

Mothering instincts and mothering ways

Do not always come through months and days

Of gestation.

My life has been a journey of trials,

Filled with joys, sorrows and denials

Yet always

God has provided the means by which

Compassion and grace have filled the niche

Left vacant

The counselor, the teacher, the man who did math

Taught me grace and showed me a path


Emotions of rage, deep seated loathing

For self, for family, removing foreboding

Offering hope

While friends did their best to mentor this peer

Who lived promiscuously, downing beer

Ever seeking

Teachers, friends, family, launched me to college

Aware of books and depths of knowledge


With their foundation of hope, suppressing the pain

I walked into new worlds hoping to gain


Those women I met—4 North Lankenau

Could never know ME and yet somehow

They did

They accepted me still with warts and all

Including me, even embracing my fall

Even deeper

Into depravity, wantonness and chaos

Still they kept hope that all was not loss


They tried to speak change, challenging my ways

Modeling true friendship that through my haze

I missed

My brutish denial of the life I was living

Taking, taking their kindness and forgiving


Finally their grace turned away from my vacuum

When I would enter, they’d leave the room


One stayed with me, our paths more similar

Her friendship crossed boundaries, our lives familiar

Yet different

I took and I took,  yet she and I

Did partner and center, although I denied


God brought to me a friend from the past,

Offering love, relations to last


And in that moment, love brought to my knowing

The path of failure on which I was sowing

My life

Slowly, with time, aware of the changes

Seeking new playmates, finding new ranges


A transformation which Rand would approve

Forcing me to face and ultimately move

Back home

To the place it began, those years before

To a friend who had tried, kept open the door

Of grace

Mothering me through valley and peak

Most of these folks today do not speak


Of the woman they taught and brought through the fire

They recall the failures, the scars they acquired

At a price

My hope is to day to acknowledge their mettle

To set out in truth my failures and settle

Unto them

A word of thanksgiving and tell them humbly

They saved my life, smoky and crumbly


When I think of the paths and the potholes I made

Their friendship to me always levels the grade

With hope

When they moved away from constant relation

I knew inside that was my creation

Not theirs

Trying to maintain what I thought was goodly

Tainted my being, my spirit and rudely


Awareness of life, gifts of love, found in small things

Giving me life, a future with wings

So that

I have become a woman at peace

A history that’s given foundation and lease

On life

That allows no judging of any I meet

Knowing their lives are theirs, replete

With their own stuff

So l lift my hat to those who have shown

Relationship, friendship, ways known and unknown

Of loving

Mothering through with instinct, intention

Words and actions to foster prevention

Of destruction

Mothers create and continue to impart

Gifts of forgiveness, lessons of heart

To loved ones

So thank you all for the gifts you have given,

The miles you have trod, the ways you have striven

To care.

With apologies for my flagrant failures and my disrespectful manners, I am grateful for the kindnesses you’ve shown, the smiles you could muster and the laughter we could share. God has surely smiled on you this Mother’s day, and every day, as you grow in friendships and family. Be well, my friends, be well!

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3 Responses to Mother’s Day Tribute

  1. lorrainefort says:

    thanks; never certain they make any form or sense to anyone else…hence the pretty anonymous blog. 🙂 Hope you have a super week!

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