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…blah, blah, blah…

Doing this blog thing was tiring! Initially, it was invigorating, seeing who from what part of the world would respond with which unique story. But now? Their words ran together, “Blah, Blah, Blah!” No one read her posts first, or … Continue reading

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…as the apple fell…

They were swinging, fervently joyful in the autumn sunshine, arms feeling the push and pull of their bodies, back and forth, powerful in their elementary beings. She smiled, watching the carefree exuberance they displayed as they reveled in discovering the … Continue reading

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Awkward–Five Sentence Fiction

She told me not to call and yet, I could not resist contact. Sending the carefully crafted text, wondering if it would be received, acknowledged, I sat by the fireplace, silently praying. Surely, God would make this right and somehow … Continue reading

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Quandry’s Qualifier

Quality queries, I suppose, cannot quite quash the curious pose Of ones who quest onward, Qualms to depose ‘bout questions of quality, as the quodlibet knows: No thing’s quantifiable; There’s no quotable “know” To release the quizzical from question mark’s … Continue reading

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…returning to the routine…

Seems to me that every day I seek to find a path That takes me back to a familiar way Simple pleasures, a bubble bath. Memory resides in impressed emotions, Places where details slide In and out of focused potions … Continue reading

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