…returning to the routine…

Seems to me that every day
I seek to find a path
That takes me back to a familiar way
Simple pleasures, a bubble bath.
Memory resides in impressed emotions,
Places where details slide
In and out of focused potions
Reality they deride…
Sepia colored, idyllic scenes
shading the truth pristine-
Abundant blessings, humored dreams-
Let me be all about returning to the routine
That never existed, in constancy
Of life lived most fully.
There is no one place where leniency
Or memory does not bully
pains and aches of daily grind,
Numbing away the sharpness,
Improving recollections I find,
Pushing away routine’s starkness.

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21 Responses to …returning to the routine…

  1. stories4tots says:

    I like your style. Hope we could read more!

  2. Sally says:

    Lovely poem, saying such a lot – ‘Let me be all about returning to the routine
    That never existed, in constancy
    Of life lived most fully.’ Lovely lines.

  3. itsjennythewren says:

    Love it!!! Such a poet 🙂 amazing stuff well done x

  4. Very good! I enjoyed reading this. So true as well.

  5. Liska says:

    Beautiful words.
    Thank you so much for your thoughtful comment yesterday which was a joy to read xx

  6. This is lovely and really speaks to me.

  7. Heather Murphy says:

    Very well said! I like the “pains and aches of daily grind”

  8. Oh wow, so many layers here to peel away. I love poetry and pieces that can be read over and over again, the angles of the words changing according to what one brings to it each time. Lovely work.

    • lorrainefort says:

      thank you. It is fun to write and hopefully, conveys or evokes some meaningful response in the reader. 🙂 There were some phrases I was uncertain about, especially the ending…not sure how to change it but got the idea correct for me…suggestions are always welcome although not always implemented!

  9. What a lovely poem and so well done. x

  10. This is a good poem, but I think what impresses me most is the line break in
    “returning to the routine
    That never existed”
    For just a fraction of a second the poem pauses at the end of the line and lets us think that the speaker really could return to a pleasant routine – and then we realize it’s only a fantasy. Very effective.

    • lorrainefort says:

      thanks. it seems that there is no true routine, only a yearning for such. Yet there is a constancy of things that get done, that happen, only sometimes they take much time and energy and other times we barely notice getting them completed. 🙂 I am glad you commented. Thanks.

  11. You always have a way with words Lorraine, and this one is very creative and descriptive as always.
    Great work!

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