Quandry’s Qualifier

Quality queries, I suppose,
cannot quite quash
the curious pose
Of ones who quest onward,
Qualms to depose
‘bout questions of quality,
as the quodlibet knows:
No thing’s quantifiable;
There’s no quotable “know”
To release the quizzical
from question mark’s woes…

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10 Responses to Quandry’s Qualifier

  1. Judie says:

    What excellent writing skills! This is definitely a piece to remember!! Brava for your wonderful “Q”!!!

  2. storybeader says:

    wow! That’s a whole lot of Qs. {:-D

  3. Oh! That was fantastic! Quite possibly the Quintessential “Q” composition.

  4. Quite outstanding!

    You have mastered the letter “Q” for certain!

    thank you for sharing this.

    So sorry for my late, late link!


  5. Ooops. I meant to write, ‘my late, late comment!”

    Geez Louise.

    Where has my brain gone?


    Don’t answer.

    That was a rhetorical question – ha!

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