…. I woke with another headache …..

                 Again, I woke with another headache; yesterday’s blankness, time missed, the sense of unknowing (What did I do? Who did I see? What did I say?) flooded my desire to pull up the sheets, knowing that staying here delayed the inevitable, perpetuating the pain.

“You ok?” his voice steadying me, water glass headed towards my clenched hand. “Hey,” those blue eyes imploring, “how is it this morning?”

Dry mouthed, I reached for his arms, unnerved by my memory’s blankness. “Brain pain,” was all I could say, curving into him, relieving him of the glass, downing the contents with practiced slowness.

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14 Responses to …. I woke with another headache …..

  1. Really liked this take on the prompt. I have a sense that this isn’t the first time your character has been drunk (Am I wrong here? This is what I interpreted), or has a serious health problem? I loved the last line – ‘downing the contents with practiced slowness.’

  2. lorrainefort says:

    I worked with folks with mental illnesses and some with chemical imbalances or personality disorders would describe losing days, black times, blank times, followed by horrendous headaches, not knowing what they’d done, who they’d seen…the prompt took me back to those days and the descriptions they gave, but I am certain that over drinking does the same thing! 🙂
    Thanks for your response! I’m glad you liked it.

  3. Paull says:

    Enjoy your writing but I took this more as the aftermath of another migraine attack.. I just don’t see someone with a chemical dependency having someone so loving and caring to take care of them. But naybe that’s just me.

    • lorrainefort says:

      No, i was thinking of some folks with mental disorders…migraines are prevalent there. And this person did have a very caring partner. 🙂 Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

  4. Assumed this was a migraine, a horror I don’t dare try to imagine.

  5. lorrainefort says:

    🙂 Glad you responded…

  6. So much pain here… It reminds me of times when my mother had migranes.

  7. lorrainefort says:

    It seems this promotes that recollection. So glad you responded. 🙂

  8. Delft says:

    Vivid picture, of the pain and the helplessness of the nameless man.
    And I like the expression “brain-pain”.

  9. Having read the comments I now realise that this is about mental illness, not the aftermath of too much alcohol (my first assumption) but either way the writing paints a vivid picture of the confusion and pain of the main character. Having been a migraine sufferer (I’ve not had an attack since the birth of my son, thankfully) I have a felt experience of what you might mean by the expression ‘brain-pain.’

    • lorrainefort says:

      Thanks, the confusion and pain was, for me, the part that i wanted to pass along. I understand it to be quite scary and chaotic when the calm after the storm really comes through…the unknowing of what’s been done creates a whole other overwhelming emotion. 🙂 Thanks for commenting.

  10. A migraine is bad enough, but having one alone is unbearable. So the sense of caring and comfort here is right at the top.
    Nicely done!

  11. What a lot of suffering for this character, and for “he” – who is he? We don’t know, but he really seems to care about the narrator. You really bring a distressing situation to life in this story.

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