Unless you know where I’ve been
Unraveling the truth is
Unusually startling; folks become
Unnerved and unable to disguise
Unbalanced responses,

Unballasted by the depth, the range, the
Uniqueness of my experiences, the discoverers
Unabashedly request more information or
Unbolted, turn away to realign
Uncharted congruencies and
Uncompromisingly uncomfortable

Uniformity in our awareness is
Ubiquitous, but we seek it. Even
User-friendly characteristics we want to name,
Usurping their unseemly disparities,
Unscrupulously taming and renaming their
Unsuitable qualities
Until we have

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18 Responses to …un…

  1. That’s a lot of U words for Alphabe-Thursday!!
    Well done!
    So glad you stopped by today!!

  2. jen says:

    Clever. Took me a minute to decipher your pattern.

  3. yourverybestwork says:

    I love this semantic journey down the road of the suffix -un-.
    How about Shakespeare’s -undeaf- ?
    Not all his un-somethings made it through to today’s language

  4. Anita says:

    Love this creative and UNusual take!!

  5. lorrainefort says:

    Realizing i’ve responded to the Alphabe challenge with untypical writing’s, I guess that’s going to be my manner for it. Hope it’s ok with you who do the picture responses! It’s a great challenge for everyone! 🙂

  6. Judie says:

    Lorraine, you are uber-creative! Brava!!!!

  7. That first stanza really spoke to me.

    I wonder what the world would be like if everyone had compassion and tolerance.

    And perhaps a hug for those in need?

    This was unusually compelling.

    It made me shiver.

    Thank you.


    • lorrainefort says:

      Thanks. There’s this journey I’m on…but I appreciate your insight; what would the world be like if everyone had compassion and tolerance?
      Today, totally uncomfortable and yet totally at home, I attended the baby shower, my first, of two women in a committed relationship. Love is the key. I don’t need to judge them; it’s not my life. I don’t have to mourn for what is and what is not in their worlds, just offer them the best I have from today and pray that Whoever God might be, there is truly compassion and love and forgiveness and relief from my desire to control and the joy of knowing Someone, Some Power beyond my comprehension, that offers to them the same I believe I have received for my adventures and failures and successes. 🙂
      Thank you for reading deeply and responding as well.

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