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…Amen! uptight, wonderful, just right, ahhhhh…..
This past week has encompassed all of these emotions, discernibly, for the various situations I encountered; a full worship (Amen!) filled with children and noisy offerings for the local camp. Then there was the board meeting, the president of which is less than enamored with me and around whom I feel on pins and needles…but it went well so the tension was just for me.  Then there was the next few days, a class with good friends to learn with, followed the next day with a super study hour (and a half!) with great discussion and laughter. My boys were out of school and parent/teacher conferences were good  with no surprises or negative reports. And my daughter came home for the weekend from college, surprising me and sharing her life so openly that it catches me off guard at times. It was a just right ending to a very good week…aaahhh….  Hope yours was too!

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