…what does it taste like…

sensation of fruit, I understand
along with bean and beef and ham

I get the smell of roses and myrrh
what’s gone before, olfactory to stir

…what mystifies, wholly relies
on palates unknown is the taste…
of complete abandon

what does it taste like? how does it smell?
unfettered, free, in-the-moment to dwell

where’d you find the supple rind
that allows you to bounce in joy…?

nary a care, no sound to spare,
complete, unaware, ungrounded

what is the texture of bliss unfettered?
the color of boundless hope?


I cannot know, children in tow,
the taste of letting go…

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4 Responses to …what does it taste like…

  1. With so much in tow, would the taste of freedom be so much richer? I loved this and your use of sensual language. Very clever.

    • lorrainefort says:

      Had to do some searching for the ending…life would be VERY much poorer with out my children…but alas, as they get older, I long for the freedom of abandonment and no outside schedules to impede my ‘free time’ even as I know it will come all too soon…it’s a conundrum…but I would not enjoy life without the blessing of my children; I can’t imagine life without them in any manner… weird, hunh?

  2. Powerful poem- strong emotion in this x

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