…I don’t believe it…

  •  Sometimes feeling quite alone,
  • She went and sat upon the throne.
  • Thrones give strength and staying power;
  • She could sit there by the hour
  • Playing games upon her phone.
  • “Words with Friends” could easily supply
  • A chance to connect, when she espied
  • A grand opportunity to hit a fifty
  • Making her opponent think she was nifty!
  • Hitting send led her to “Ruzzle,”
  • That game an ever-changing puzzle;
  • Sometimes high, sometimes low
  • Always on the move and so
  • When she hit an awesome word
  • “I don’t believe it!” could be heard
  • Outside the room
  • Of lonesome doom…

Today’s poem brought to you via the weekly prompt site “100 Word Challenge for Grown Ups” @ Julia’s Place (http://jfb57.wordpress.com/) where each week, a few words are to  prompt your creativity and, by sharing on the linksy list, you’ll receive some feedback. Since I don’t know how to put the button on my site (I’ll try again here in a minute, so if I get it to work…it will be a technological miracle!) so you’ll have to pop over there with the http address. This week’s prompt was to use some comedy and include the words “I don’t believe it” along with 100 other words.

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5 Responses to …I don’t believe it…

  1. I do love your writing, and I thought this was rather bitter sweet – there is playing this game on her phone, one she enjoys, but she’s lonely with only this game for company!

  2. I meant ‘there “she” is”. Tsk. tsk.

    • lorrainefort says:

      LOL!L you make me smile…I was trying to do the funny bit but it turned poignant! But instead of reading her magazines on ‘the throne,’ there’s the modern upgrade to using her phone! Thank you for relying… I am glad I got to post…i miss this weekly challenge but haven’t gotten it worked back into my schedule. 🙂 Have a great day!

  3. Oh dear. I read that and instantly felt guilty about playing Candy Crush Saga so much.

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