….as the line was crossed….

He turned.

Angry frustration boiled in her belly, contained in the attempt at civility…measured, she spoke quietly, “I have no idea how to respond.”

His eyes danced with the pending promise of an all out argument, certain he’d  dominate; he sneered, “You can say whatever you like.”

“I think… you have…as the line was crossed, you just blew it all up…”

He chortled, “How dare you…as if this were MY fault” …his eyes daring her to challenge.

“…you chose work over family, to be there more than here, to give everything good to your job, taking out your frustrations on us…”

“He’s gone because I…”



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6 Responses to ….as the line was crossed….

  1. jabbersville says:

    Oh because what….? Tell more!

  2. Lovely post. It demonstrates the array of choices that can open up as we do open ended exploration.


  3. You show a mastery of sound in this piece. Entrancing.

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