…butt the vase…

The picture was elusive,

though, he was never pensive.

The words he wanted to capture

held him completely ‘raptured.

As he bent to make them clear,

with lens held oh, so near!

 He noticed something clever,

before he pulled the lever.

In the bottom of the glass

 butt the vase

  was a slight, unnoticed crevasse

which seemed to lend good credence

to Facebook’s gripes and grievance

that the vase was a fake,

a well disguised re-make,

replaced when a reporter

dropped the original container

making possible the fraud–

Oh, My Gawd!

As he turned to move his face,

he simply butted the vase…


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7 Responses to …butt the vase…

  1. Brilliant -really, really fun!

  2. cute… if you don’t mind my butting in and saying so
    😉 Randy

  3. The Real Cie says:

    And now the other vase has a crack too!

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