…the points were sharp…

baptized, set free,

wondrously me

raised in faith,

ever a wraith…

evil,  dark

to light I hark

never denying failure

to love, to live, to gift, to be…

stained internally, my spirit a tie-dye of


enter in

Spirit of God, cleanser of souls,

bright and bold, burning coals

of fire

that never tire

of forgiveness…in Christ I’m blessed

underneath, though,

i know,

termination …  gestation

hallucination … falsification

graduation … fornication

… lusty …  greedy … deep …

the points were sharp,

robed in grace, i carp

far from the world,  sins buried, unfurled

cleansed from above

by a Holy Dove

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4 Responses to …the points were sharp…

  1. Such powerful writing.

  2. lorrainefort says:

    Thanks, Jenny! It was a fun prompt for where my head is at… 🙂

  3. mrsmaddocks says:

    I agree with the above comment, exceptionally powerful.

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