The Big C


Carrying the connotation of


Constantly co-mingling with the

Ceaseless ebb and flow of

Constructive relationship,

Caustic messages,

Casual acquaintances;

Corrosively disconnecting negativity and

Creatively reconstructing the positive energy that give us



Copulation. …Let us

Connive to come together with

convivial aspirations towards

collectively  nurturing and embellishing one another’s

calluses, our scars, our

courage, such that everyone can find

creature comfort

characterized by wholeness and welcome and joy

co-founded on the idea that we are all seeking the fulfillment of a longing that

counteracts and countermands and corrupts the inner

constitution that leads us successfully to


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4 Responses to The Big C

  1. Wow. You killed it. Seriously. Great job with all those Cs and delivering a *C*lear message. This should be on a poster or something, to be share on Pinterest, Tumblr, etc.
    My response to the prompt:

  2. Connection is certainly commendable. Well done.

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