…but surely it is pointless…

Approaching fifty, just a little over two years to go, I have been doing some internal housecleaning. It’s time. Time to chronicle, to frame and reframe events that have such impact on who I am becoming into the life I am making. But surely it is pointless, to revisit and weave into words the impressions, emotions, and memories that color my soul. Surely it is not worthy of telling, this story of mine. I am pulled into and out of desire to divest secrets, to name the caverns and hills of this life, to celebrate, yes, celebrate, it all, as part of me. Whole, complete.

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3 Responses to …but surely it is pointless…

  1. Laura Alonso says:

    Love your phrasing and metaphors here. I was carried along as I read it. Nice job.

  2. liska says:

    Oh gawd I went swimming the other day. Me my best friend, her son and mine were all in the learning pool and we could hear music from the big pool so we asked what it was and they said Aquarobics for the over 50s. My heart sunk when I realised that that is my next milestone birthday. I starting wishing they’d said over 70s (which many of them looked). It’s funny how 50 NO LONGER feels old when it is YOU that is nearly there huh? I hope you record your memories in whatever way you choose to. This post you have written is brief, but so so much comes across in it.
    Liska xx

    • lorrainefort says:

      Lol! 50 is NOT old…simply because I’m on the brink of it. I have always said ‘old is always 10 years older than my current age,’ thanks for responding!

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