…the parched ground crumbled…

Walking through life today, I wonder why the parched ground crumbled as I passed. Is it because I’m frustrated with those who say “I believe” yet do not gather to celebrate? Is it because my daughter is now two decades old, fast in the throes of love, stepping out of our home, into her own life for good? Is it because I want my marriage to have no glitches or grumps, no places where the water of life and laughter does not reach? How does one fill one’s soul with water that never dries out, hope that never crumbles, soil that never depletes? …Help me,God…

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2 Responses to …the parched ground crumbled…

  1. Grace says:

    Nice use of the prompt. Sounds like life is very full. Enjoy!

  2. So sad, I felt her pain.

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