31 day writing challenge–on my own–day 1

I’m not very savvy on here. I like writing and I wanted to participate in the 31 days writing challenge but I don’t get making a button, creating a…well, it’s a thing that adds to your address so when folks click on it, the link is not to your homepage but to that specific portion of your home page. I understand all the concepts, but acting on them is quite different. So this month’s challenge for me will be private, I guess, and it will be on the topic of DISCERNMENT: Hearing the Call. Pretty deep, I guess, but for me, it’s where I am so, even if it means just putting this out there and not knowing if it’s read, I’m going for it.
My initial post, here, is one that is about discerning if I should or should not go ahead and attempt to do this challenge sans connection. I think most of us just want connection. People to hear, respond, argue, agree, laugh and cry, open and shut the pieces and parts of our lives. Even wanna-be writers. 🙂 So here’s the first five minutes of discernment. Yes, I’ll give this daily writing for five minutes a shot. Maybe the 5 minute thing isn’t this prompter, but if I add that in, I’m likely to stick with this.
I also can’t get this WORDPRESS box to add indentions and change fonts, so I’m really technically challenged! lol that’s ok. You get my ideas here. I’m just going to work on discernment: hearing the call and see where it takes me in a month. Let me know if you have thoughts on this idea and if you have expertise to actually connect me to the group. If not, I’ll just type here and pray that anyone who stumbles across this might be gracious and lift me as I seek to discern what is next from God . 🙂 Have a great day!

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