…we CAN be heroes…

A letter is prepared. Full stop, en pointe, letting my superiors know how their behavior has impacted me. Negatively. Undermining. Demeaning of my position.

I want so badly to send it straightaway! To inform them before they “assist” others in my position.

I want to confront and challenge them.

This letter is WRITTEN! Quite well, bravely, sharply, honestly.


(I need them, these “leaders,” as well.

They have a great deal to do with my next employment.

So I bide my time, awaiting the moment when I can “gift” them with my words.)

We CAN be heroes, (but to what end?).

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One Response to …we CAN be heroes…

  1. jfb57 says:

    Oh the temptation to send it straight away! It is hard when you are at the mercy of others like that but we CAN be heroes and bid our time. Thank you so much for joining this week.

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